Saturday, July 17, 2010

KEM BESTARI SOLAT : Hidayah from god

Firstly we would like to thank to General Studies Department,  Director of KPTM Alor Setar, and especially ustaz & ustazah that had given us precious knowledge. The knowledge of solat that will guide us to eternity happiness. The happiness for now & the after world.

Also thanks to all participant that shows your responsibility as a muslim. Study is on of the claim in Islam, which means by attending this workshop, you are being responsible for your religion. 

Also did not forget to thanks to the Director of KPTM Alor Setar for reminding us how important our solat is. He also teach us how to become a responsible muslim & he is really inspiring us. He make us really proud to be under his commandment.

Ya'kob Abaidullah


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  1. ALHAMDULLILAH...syukur ke hidrat ALLAH kerana sama2 semua dapat menjaya kan Kem Bestari Solat ....Terima KAsih Semua Yang Menjayakan Program Ini...Moga Semua Diberkati ALLAH yang Satu, Tunggal , dan yg MAHA MULIA....